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Hand Suction - Suction Unit
  • Hand Suction - Suction Unit

Hand Suction


Suction device

Hand Suction can prevent pulmonary aspiration, which can lead to lung infections.

The Single Use Suction Device is a light, state of the art, high vacuum, portable emergency device which can be powered with one hand operation, leaving the other hand free for different tasks. This unit was designed to provide efficient operation and simple maintenance.

  • It can be Single Use or Reusable product. The collection jar is single use and the rest of material can be single use or reusable.
  • This device is really light which can powered with one hand operation, and leaving the other hand free for different tasks.
  • This device is equipped with an overflow protection mechanism which will engage once the collection jar is filled. It is not possible to continue squeezing the handle once the collection jar is full.
  • Suction Catheter
  • Connector
  • Cap Connection Port
  • Collection Jar
  • Pump Handle

Hand Suction | Comprehensive Sterilization Services for Medical Devices by Omnimate

Located in Taiwan since 1998, Omnimate Enterprise Co., Ltd. has established itself as a manufacturer of medical devices, specializing in Hand Suction, silicone manual resuscitators, laryngoscopes, anesthesia face masks, endotracheal tubes, and offering comprehensive sterilization services. Our extensive product range is designed to meet the evolving needs of the medical, industrial, and commercial healthcare sectors.

Omnimate holds certifications from the FDA, ISO 13485, CE, and TFDA, and primarily exports its products to the EU, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. The company maintains stringent production protocols within a 10,000 square meter cleanroom, encompassing a 4,500 square meter dedicated clean production area. Additionally, Omnimate operates a 2,000 square meter sterilization facility, equipped with four 13 square meter EO sterilization machines, all compliant with CE standards.

Omnimate has been providing customers with high quality resuscitator medical devices since 1998, with both advanced technology and 16 years of experience, Omnimate ensures that the lives of patients and caregivers are improved.