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Omnimate Superiority

Omnimate Superiority


Omnimate cooperates with the doctors to develop new medical products and to ensure our products remain of a high professional standard. We consider education and research to be as much a part of our business as our marketing.

Omnimate 100% Manufacture, 100% using Taiwan brand material. Available for OEM ODM project, Offering good service, Well-Experience RD team, High-Quality QC testing.

Omnimate has a strong team, excellent manufacturing, and selling help to develop company progress, business and customer services.


Omnimate strictly controls the quality of all the products and raw material.

We are following IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (Input Process Quality Control), to FQC (Final Quality Control), meeting ISO 13485 regulation and AQL 1.0 S4, Animate's only supply the best quality for the customer all over the world.


Omnimate Superiority | Oxygen Masks Manufacturer | Ensuring Patient Safety and Comfort

Omnimate Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of silicone medical devices located in Taiwan. Established in 1998, the company specializes in producing high-quality products such as anesthesia masks, laryngeal masks, endotracheal tubes, oxygen masks, and vaginal speculums. With ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE MDD, and FDA certifications, Omnimate ensures the highest standards in medical device manufacturing, catering to both local and international markets with reliable and innovative healthcare solutions.

Our medical products are extensively used in pre-hospital, in-hospital, and homecare settings, focusing on anesthesiology, gastroenterology, and respiratory care. All products comply with FDA, ISO 13485, CE, and TFDA certifications. We primarily export to the EU, Asia, America, and the Middle East, ensuring global reach and adherence to international standards.

Omnimate, established in 1998, delivers ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE MDD, and FDA certified plastic and silicone medical devices. Leveraging advanced technology and 16 years of expertise, Omnimate enhances the quality of life for patients and caregivers.