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Respiratory | Silicone Ambu Bag | Surgical Mask manufacturer - Omnimate. Made in Taiwan FDA, ISO 13485, CE and TFDA medical device & EO sterilizatoin service supplier - Omnimate. Medical devices sold to EU markets, Asia, America and Middle-East. Medical product, including resuscitator, laryngoscope, laryngeal mask airway, surgical mask, anesthesia face mask, endotracheal tube, CPR mask, PAD mask, oxygen mask, aspiratory, speculum, etc. Pre-hospital, In-hospital and homecare medical device and product manufacturing and supply.

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Omnimate Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality medical, industrial and commercial components and finished products since 1998. Also an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE MDD, FDA and GMP certified registered manufacturer in Taiwan.

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